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Why Are We Here?

What Is Our Existence Truly All About? Find Out Below

This is a question humankind has asked since the dawn of time. My view on our reality has changed over the last 20 years, and since my spiritual journey began it has evolved dramatically. This is mainly due to the fact of my meditations and self-hypnosis work I do. I have also noticed since I help other people regress to past lives as well as talk to their higher selves, I have evolved myself in the understanding of this ultimate question “why am I here” The answer to this has many parts and I am in no doubt I will discover many parts as my inner standing of this question progresses.


To try and understand this reality we exist in and why we are here depends on your perspective. For example, if you are from various religious backgrounds, you will have your own beliefs on this subject. I personally do not believe in religion at all because it just seems to have been made by the elites to control us. However, if this is your perspective, coming from a bible point of view or other various religious books, maybe this information is not for you right now. Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying my thoughts and inner standing are the only true version of why we are here. However, it is one I am leaning towards at this point in my life.

Are We Fractals Of Creator Source?

With that said I would like to say I feel 100% right now that my inner knowledge and information received from the source creator and my higher self is correct otherwise, I would not put this into my book and my website. So, where to begin, “Creator Source Energy” is the beginning of everything and is in everything every created from the most beautiful to the foulest creation, from bad to good, from day and night. To try and understand what I mean by this you must take yourself out of the human 3D mindset and see your existence from the highest possible position. We experience good and evil on this planet for a reason and that reason is experience and soul growth. We are not these human bodies; we are the bright light that is our consciousness and our soul. Each one of us has this bright light and this soul consciousness is part of the creator source.


Creator source wanted to expand on its knowledge and experience and experience physicality in all the forms it created. We are those fractals of source energy in these bodies, we have been given our own consciousness which is also separate from the source at the same time as being a part of the whole. Our human lives are just fleeting glimmers in the sea of eternity but each life we experience brings more soul growth for us in our journey as a fractal of source as well as bringing all this experience to the consciousness of the source. We agree to have these experiences on Earth before we come here, for instance, we pick the parents we want. For example, if you wanted to experience a hard life with unloving parents and go through life as a criminal let’s say, having bad parents would help to put you on that path. Also, if your parents were in the higher realms before coming to Earth as your parents may have wanted to experience life as an awful mum and dad and maybe experience regret for the way they treated you. This all may sound very harsh to you right now if your parent was the same. However, if you look at it from a soul progression point of view it makes perfect sense. 


We all have a huge soul family in the realms outside this body, this soul family comes together because they enjoy working together and having these experiences. So, when you decide to play the abusive parents to a soul you love entirely this is done through pure love for them if you get what I mean. It’s like we are all playing different roles in a movie, one playing the bad guy and one playing the good guy. But after the movie is finished you are all the best of friends; this is the closest analogy I can think of to explain the roles and parts we play in these human lives. 


What Is Our Ultimate Destination?

Now if you can expand your perspective about the Earth realm and think of other planets and other dimensions where the laws of physics may be totally different. Just think of all the incredible adventures you could be having there as your soul evolves and progresses. Now let’s come back to Earth now and I will try and explain why we are going through such an evil time in general on this planet. I am talking about of course all the elites and all the satanic stuff they have been getting up to for such a long time. As far as a soul’s progression and experiences go, this realm is by far the toughest of the tough to experience. Everyone one of you reading these words is a tough cookie who has gone through so many other lives and existences before you came here. I have been told that there is a huge number of souls who wanted to incarnate on this planet at this time because they knew what a ride it was going to be. In fact, races from all over the universe are parked right over our heads right now and most of us cannot see them. But they are here all watching the outcome of this incredible battle between good and bad on this Earth.


This amount of suppression has never been played out before in this universe because of universal law but it has been allowed by us all to progress to this level so we can become a, even more, advanced evolved soul which will flourish in life a caterpillar changing into the most beautiful butterfly. Once we have come through this process, we will be joining other inhabitants of this realm outside of what most of us know about at this time. Now if this information has blown your mind, get ready to be blown away completely when I tell you what our destination is in this entire game we are playing when we became fractals of source energy. 

Can We All Achieve Creator Source Powers?

As soul consciousness, we have the same abilities as the source because we are part of the one creator source. What I mean by this is this universe we experience is just one of the infinite universes all with their own creator god which created the planets and the forms of life on them. You see there is an overriding creator source which everything comes from. However, there are lots of other sources (creators) in other universes which create the Gods for that universe and the angelic beings as well as every other life form imaginable. Therefore, we as a soul fragment of the overriding source creator crave experiences in every form because it is our ultimate goal to progress to the level of a source creator with our own universe and creator gods we create and all other life forms. Once at this level of existence we are complete apart from one last stage if we decide to take it. We can choose to go back and be part of the overriding source of all creations and take all our knowledge and experiences with us and add it to the overriding creator source. 


Mind-blowing or what, all this inner standing has come directly from the overriding source creator and from my higher self. I know that we all have the ability to reach the source level of consciousness if we choose to, after all like I have said before eternity is a long time lol so why not do it all again. I have been told by a friend of mine who is very advanced on this journey that I have achieved this level of being my own source creator and I have chosen to fractal myself into other beings like Alan Stockdale who is writing this and carrying on experiencing more and more from the infinite possibilities of life. I have pondered this thought and meditated on it, and I do believe this to be true. It would certainly explain why I have had these bigger-picture thoughts of reality before anyone else told me about them. But ultimately who really knows. Anyway, I hope this has opened your mind to the answers to “Why We Are Here”