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What Is Energy Healing Techniques?

A lot of people who are new to this type of healing often ask “what is energy healing techniques?” Well, to answer that is quite simple in my version of using source energy to heal people. It is simply guiding energy from our creator of all the universes, or as I like to call it “source energy”. As you can see from my website title “creator source energy” I work with this energy all the time. 
This healing technique, if you want to use it on others remotely can be done from anywhere. I personally send this healing while meditating on my chair in the front room. The basic premise for this type of energy healing technique is to bring healing energy from the creator. I visualize “source energy” coming from above and entering the person or animal you want to heal.

What Is Energy Healing Techniques

A Simple Method I Use

This “source energy” is the healing power that can be manipulated into whatever healing you need to do. Your purpose in this energy healing technique is to be the focus of the energy. What I mean by this is it is your focus and intention which guides the healing energy to the right spot.
This type of healing technique was given to me by my higher self a while ago when I asked “what is energy healing techniques”. When I was first shown how to perform it my higher self was with me as a guide. However, now I can do these energy healing techniques on my own. So back to the healing, when the energy for “the source” comes through the head of the person or animal. It is at this point you need to visualize yourself jumping into this light and entering the body.

Visualize Pulses Of Healing Energy

Once you enter the body as part of this healing energy you need to imagine pulses of “source energy” coming down into the head of the person and you being at the spearhead of it. As you go through the body, just visualize all of the body from the inside. When you do this you need to direct the energy to the places where it is needed. For instance, I did some healing on a lady yesterday.
During this healing, she had problems with her stomach. So when I went into her body I concentrated on her throat and stomach and used the energy from “the source” to heal these parts. It is very important when doing these healings to believe in their success. This reality we live in is a reality that is created by our collective thoughts, deeds, and actions. So, it is very important to set the intention before you start that this healing has already taken place.
what is energy healing techniques
You see time doesn’t really exist outside this realm we occupy. So talking about this like it has already happened will tell the universe this is the case. So our days are created by us in this collective manner. It’s the fact you told the universe it has already happened that will ensure it is created and becomes an experience in this realm.
I hope this brief explanation of “what is energy healing techniques” has helped you to start to understand the power we all have to heal. Please take a look at my YouTube channel here for more videos on how I do this. Also, this website page has good information on it as well.