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Debbi tells us about her experience with source energy healing. She had been ill for 10 days and nothing helped. Until we did source healing
lose weight while you sleep
"Lose weight while you sleep guided hypnosis". Listen to this at night & your mind will be convinced you have had a virtual gastric band fitted. After 30 days you will have gradually changed your attitude toward food. You will feel fuller on less food as well. These factors will lead you to lose weight permanently and gradually.
There are various answers to the question "How To Protect From Spiritual Attacks" In this episode I reveal my methods of protection I use when I go to bed. As well as using this protection when meditating.
This guided meditation can help you and others heal if done properly. Practice will help you improve the results.
Use this past life regression self-hypnosis to reach lives you have lived before as well as reaching your higher self. Listen Now
In This episode, we talk about our experiences in the source realm of reality. This realm is where we all exist right now, it's just our point of consciousness that gives us the "identity" we experience while being here.
This 432 Hz Positive Transformation, Emotional & Physical Healing, and Release Negative Energy. This meditation music is ideal to go to sleep to as well as any time.
Stop polluting your mind with constant social media and TV and movies. Your mind can heal all trauma, it just needs to declutter. Find out why this is important for your spiritual growth.
Do Negative Deeds Receive Karma is an age-old spiritual debate? Are our lives totally pre-planned or not? We discuss new information which has come our way from the higher self realms. This information relates to negative entities going rogue away from the source's original plan for this universe. Listen up for more details
We can all heal using my spiritual method. It is a gift we all have, it's just the fact we have all forgotten it. So why not listen to this now and learn how I do it?