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Spiritual Fasting Benefits

Spiritual Fasting Benefits

I want to talk about my journey with fasting and how I have received information from my higher self about spiritual fasting benefits and the fact we will not need food at all in the future Earth. So, before I get into that message, I want to cover the subject of fasting more. I know I wrote about this already in this book. However, since then I have fasted a lot more and I have come to realize how important it is for us all to become more and more connected to source. Don’t miss quote me here, I am not saying eating food all the time will stop your spiritual development. I am just telling you about my experience and how it has really altered my perceptions. 

If you ever met anyone who knew me, they will tell you “I LOVE FOOD”. I have always been a big eater in my life and got great pleasure from food. However, as time has gone on and my knowledge increased over the years. I discovered how food has been weaponized against us. All the great tasting food seems to be the food which is worse for you. Even trying to eat organic food is nearly pointless because of the constant spraying in the skies. All these chemtrails get into the soil and into our food in every way. 

Media Lies About Fasting

So, it seems nearly impossible to eat truly healthy food, so I thought the best alternative would be to detox regularly from these toxins if possible. I started researching detoxing and found a million and one examples to do this. None of these methods really stood out to me, until I came across information about the benefits of fasting (not eating food at all). At first, this seemed very drastic because of the programming we are subjected to on a daily basis. For example, the media back in my youth would be full of commercials for breakfast. 

My mother would constantly tell me to eat breakfast and never skip a meal. Looking back now I can see the lies and propaganda on TV. It is so obvious once your eyes are open, so these memories and the knowledge of the lies of the media spurred me on. I started researching “fasting” more and soon came to conclusion on the benefits from it. Once I realized our bodies are designed to eat like this it became obvious. What I mean by this is the fact back in the days of old, before we had shops and supermarkets and food readily available. In fact, if we go back to when mankind was a wondering tribe and lived on the land and what was available, we had to fast regularly because we had no choice in the matter.

spiritual fasting benefits

Think about how our bodies adapted to this wondering lifestyle. Let me give you an example, mainstream media lies about spiritual fasting benefits and it has programmed us to think if we don’t get 3 meals a day at least we will run out of energy and strength. We are told we need a certain amount of carbs and protein to function properly in the gym or at work to think straight. However, if you go back in time to the hunter-gather era you will find if this was true, we would have died out a long time ago. 

Just put the programming to one side and just think logically about this scenario I am going to describe. So, let’s assume you live in a cave for example, and you have a partner and 3 children to provide for. Let’s imagine you have just eaten the last of the meat you caught a week previously. You know without food in the long term your family will die. The problem is it maybe another week or two before you hunt and kill your next animal. Now for argument’s sake with vegetarians and vegans in these times in winter where plants would be very sparse, they would have died without meat. 


Our Bodies Work Best While Fasting

So, the scene is set the people’s bodies would now be looking at two weeks before they feasted again. Now according to mainstream doctrine, we would be getting weaker and weaker as the days went on and our cognitive abilities would be dropping and dropping to where we cannot think. But the truth about spiritual fasting benefits is it gives you extra strength to hunt or the cognitive ability to outwit your prey as well. So, mankind would not be here now, would he? In fact, people thrived in these environments because our bodies perform much better when they have not eaten for a day or so. Studies have been done and tests performed on people when they fast that their abilities increase. 

For example, your body will switch from carbs as a source of energy to burning your fat and using ketosis to power your brain. Ketones are far superior to carbs at powering the brain, this is designed to be this way so you can think better when hunting and gathering. In the next stage in these fast times, the body will start recycling old components and breaking down misfolded proteins. these misfolded proteins have been linked to Alzheimer’s as well. This process is called “Autophagy” The stage after this around the 45-hour mark your body will start producing five times as much growth hormone. This is very important for humans to keep as many muscles as possible, in fact, it may be possible to increase muscle mass slightly at this stage.

Immunity Cell Regeneration

At around the 60-hour mark, our bodies start to do something truly remarkable which it doesn’t do any other time. It starts recycling old immune cells and replacing them with brand new healthy ones. The reason for this is obvious when you use logic. The body at this stage when hunting for their next animal could be getting cut and bruised by the hunt. This increased immunity would help greatly at these times. Also, the general health of the family would be greatly helped because of this regular fasting. So, as we can see fasting does the opposite of what the mainstream would have you believe.

All these spiritual fasting benefits would have helped mankind live longer and be more successful hunter-gatherers. Another part of this cycle is the feasting part when the hunter came back with the meat. These are the times the body would store extra fat for the whole process to start again. As well as this the taste buds are designed to give you pleasure so you eat more than you need. Back in these times this increased appetite and enjoyment of food was crucial. However, in these modern times, this function is working against us, we are programmed to constantly get this gratification from the tastes of our food, especially processed foods. Now I could go on about how the elites have designed the food this way, but I am sure you know all about this already if you are reading this book

Digesting Food Uses More Energy Than Exercise

Another benefit of fasting I have not touched upon yet is the amount of energy the body uses when digesting food. It has been shown that digesting your food will take up more energy than using it during exercise. You may be thinking that eating loads should therefore make you slimmer, however, the body will store all the excess calories as fat after it has worked hard to digest them. So, you just get fat as we all know. Now I have explained how the body benefits from these fasting periods I want to explain to you what has happened to me while I am fasting (I normally fast for around 110 hours at a time).

I feel a very positive deeper connection to “Source” and an ability to communicate with my higher self a lot quicker. Since fasting regularly when my mental state has improved so much as well, I am generally happier all the time. My spiritual growth even while writing this book has gone up in leaps and bounds. I know this is partly because of the fasting as well as other factors such as the vibration getting higher and higher on Earth. The information and guidance I have received on the healing methods to use on my mother-in-law as well as showing how to heal on a bigger scale

Power Of Fasting To Heal

I find my creative powers are so much better while fasting because of the mental clarity, also the good 3D effect it has as well as not having to buy as much food, cook the food, wash up after cooking the food, and generally having more time to create and be more productive. I have created a new website from start to finish in just over 2 days https://www.creatorsourceenergy.com 

Another one of the spiritual fasting benefits is healing from diseases you may be suffering from, a lot of today’s ailments and diseases are caused by the food we eat and the toxins we ingest without us even knowing about it. A guy I listened to online recently said this line and it really stuck in my head. He said “to heal your body from anything, all you have to do is get out of the way of it” what he means by this is your body is a healing machine and will do it all automatically if you don’t interfere with drugs and negative thoughts. 

spiritual fasting benefits

Now I want to talk about the meditation experience I had last week while fasting and the reason for this chapter in the first place. In this experience, I was in a future Earth reality after we had gotten rid of the infection of the elites. This time is not far away in my opinion of writing this book on the 9th of August 2022. In this reality, the earth was not a place of consumption. What I mean by that is the Earth we are on now everything consumes something to transform that creature, plant, insect, or anything else into energy.

In this new paradigm, we all don’t need anything to power our lighter bodies. In fact, every animal and insect and bird and anything in the oceans is powered by the light from the sun. This energy is only needed in small amounts as well, I was shown how the animals and humans and all creatures lived in perfect harmony. All the creatures could communicate with each other and with humans as well. All the trees and grass and all plants communicated as well; it was a blissful paradise. I was told by my higher self that we could eat if we so desired to, but the food would be created by us via technology or just by us creating it out of the atoms in the air. 

Hope These Spiritual Fasting Benefits Have Helped

I was also shown even on this Earth we are now it is possible to live without food, however, it is not easy and can only be done when you reach a certain spiritual development. I was shown how the person could transform the sunlight into energy or even just breathe in the air and change the molecules to protein molecules for instance. I was told I could achieve this if I wanted to, and my fasting was me getting ready to do this if I chose to. I was shown my spiritual powers would increase exponentially if I did choose this path. Time will tell if this path is the path for me or maybe I will just wait until the next Earth so I can still enjoy a burger when I am not fasting (LOL)

My advice to anyone reading this book is to give it a try and see how it feels. It takes a while to adjust mentally to not eating but once you do you will see big improvements in your life. The spiritual fasting benefits are a all part of this. I can guarantee that. If you have any questions please contact me here Good luck with it. Love Alan Stockdale xx