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Remote Healing Practitioner

Remote Healing Practitioner

A remote healing practitioner is basically anyone who can send healing to another person or animal. I have recently rediscovered my ability to do this via practice during meditation. I have been sending healing for a couple of years now. I had limited success doing this until recently.

My abilities as a healing practitioner have increased due to the heightening of the Earth’s vibration. Also, my increased lifestyle choices have also contributed to this. These factors have helped me meditate more deeply and increase my connection to my higher self and the “source”

This has led me on my journey as a remote healing practitioner. This technique is easy to do if your vibration is higher enough. What I mean by this is I use the energy from the “source” which is in all of us. Then I direct this energy remotely into the person’s or animal’s body.

I visualize this happening, and I also visualize the subject as well. So having a picture helps me connect to this person or animal as well. I then join with this light of source energy and go into the body of the subject who is receiving the healing.

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I then use my focus on directing this energy to the body parts required. As a remote healing practitioner, it also helps if the person can tell me their ailments before I start. This helps me focus the “source” energy into the right place where it’s needed the most.

All this source healing is done remotely and does not need the subject to do anything. I do this healing while meditating and connecting to my higher self. All I need is the permission of the client to perform this healing in the first place.

If you feel I am the right remote healing practitioner for you, please click on the button below and book a session. You will be given the choice to pay whatever you feel is right for you. Hope to hear from you soon. Love Alan xx

Testimonial Of My Healing

This is a testimonial from my mother-in-law Ina who I have healed from diabetes. It is only a short video but as you can see my source healing really does work. Also below are screenshots from my Google business page from satisfied clients.

Reviews From My Google Business Page