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Reality Is One Big Game

This Content Is From My Upcoming Book "Cosmic Journeys With Alan Stockdale

I have been aware of the lie we live in in this realm we call Earth and the amount of corruption and deceit we are all surrounded with. However, this book is not about this and I want to instead concentrate on the positive changes in this realm as well as the true meaning of our lives. One of the huge subjects I want to touch on is the “False Light” reincarnation trap which was operating on this Earth for a very long time. This reincarnation trap is not the organic natural cycle that we all use to arrange our experiences in this physical reality. The one where we all travel through these physical dimensions and planets gaining experiences as we go. These are the paths we choose and this is the realm I am in touch with when I do my “Past Life Regression” work. I am talking about the false light reincarnation trap which was set up to farm our emotions and fears and loves as energy for these nefarious beings. 

Reincarnation Trap

This false reincarnation trap is what is responsible for us not progressing spiritually as we should have. Many people under past life regressions have spoken about this realm we have all been through at times in our existence in the 3D physical realm. I have often pondered that even this trap was set up as an experience we had to break free from. When I say “set up” I mean by us in a higher realm. I will go into this subject more as you need to understand the reality we are in. So, let me try to explain a little more here about what we are, where we are, and who created it. 


It is my inner knowing that the information I will tell you now is my truth and this truth is the accumulation of my experiences during past life regressions as well as experiences while meditating. So, as a being of infinite power and creativity, we are all part of “The Source ” or God if you prefer, or just call it “The Creator” whatever fits with you. I call it “Source” because it is the source of everything that has ever existed. It is infinite love energy that is in all of us and everything around us. We were once part of this energy and in its infinite wisdom and thirst for more experiences and knowledge, it decided to detach part of this source of energy and created us as a very powerful infinite creator being. This is what we all are at our highest vibration. I like to call this version of us “Your Higher Self” This version of you is the one I communicate with during past life regressions. The reason for this is your higher self knows everything about you and all the lives you have lived. So when regressed it will guide you to the past life which you need to heal or just experience. 


Purpose Of Creation Is For Creator Source Energy To Experience Physicality In All Its Forms

As this higher self creator being connected to the source at a very high level began to co-create the universe and all the dimensions and realms in them. As well as all the life which exists everywhere. The purpose of this creation is to experience every possible life form and type of being, from the smallest microbe to the grandest leader. We also have experienced being the evilest despicable being as well. After all, if you look at these realities as a huge entertainment game you lose the emotional attachment to being an evildoer doer. After all, you wouldn’t be hard on yourself for playing a bad guy in a computer game, would you? Just like a computer, we create these realities in a game “We” made. 


At this point, this knowledge may be challenging your belief system. If it is you, you are reading this for a reason and that reason is your higher self guided you here. After all, knowing this information is so empowering and will lift any fear you have in this life because it’s just one huge inter-dimensional gaming experience we are all having. I believe this is why source energy created us in the first place, so we can take these experiences back to the source when the journey is completed for us. I believe though at the moment we are creating a type of being which has never existed though. I know this because of my meditation journey into a 7D Earth we have created already. I will come back to this 7D reality later but suffice to say the entire universe is watching us at this moment because this type of being we are all going to become has never existed in this universe. So buckle up because it is going to be an experience like no other.