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Lose Weight While You Sleep


Lose Weight While You Sleep

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Lose Weight While You Sleep Using My 90 Minutes Guided Meditation plus part 2 mp3 and part 2 mp4. Simply Listen As You Fall Asleep & Convince Your Mind You Have Had A Gastric Band Fitted. Gradually As The Weeks Pass, You Will Find Yourself Subconsciously Eating Less And Making The Right Food Choices. This Will Result In Permanent Weight Loss If You Keep Listening To Part Two Of My “Lose Weight While You Sleep”.



 ‘BURN FAT’ While You Sleep

Tried Every Diet Out There? With NO Success?

Fed Up Of Failure? I was!

The problem I have with losing weight is keeping on track in the long term. I also hate calorie counting and weighing everything. These reasons are why I have struggled to stay slim except of course MY HUGE APPETITE  😆 😀 

So after many years of yo-yo dieting, I have now found the solutions! and it was staring at me the whole time. Use my talents as a hypnotherapist to stop overeating. So, I decided to create a solution to my weight issues. Not only is it a solution but it is so easy to do….. in your sleep. It is working by deprogramming old habits in my life, but the most important part for me was suppressing my huge appetite.

This works by going through a hypnotic gastric band operation while I was asleep 😀 Once I’d done the sleep hypnosis a few times I started to feel full with less and less food, WOW a miracle for me. As I am progressing with my hypnosis sessions I am starting to change my attitudes towards exercise. Also, sugary and fatty foods are really not looking appealing to me. Which is miracle No.2 😆

The Main Benefits 

  1. Suppressed appetite
  2. Attitude towards food changes
  3. Desire to exercise more
  4. All while you sleep

How To Use 

  1. Get in bed and get comfortable
  2. Start the “Lose Weight While You Sleep” MP3 (90 min version)
  3. Just listen to it and gently fall asleep.
  4. Use daily for 30 days

After 30 Days

  1. Use the 2nd”Lose Weight While You Sleep” MP3 (30 min version)
  2. Use daily for 30 days
  3. After 30 days use every other day

Progress Of Weight Loss 

 Week 1(1st day 262.2lb)


Week 2(After 7 days 254.8lb)



Week 3 (16 days 250.8lb)

Week 4 (23 days 

Week 5



Included In This Package

Lose weight while you sleep mp3 90 minutes (typical cost £9.99)








Lose weight while you sleep mp3 30 minutes (typical cost £5.99)









Lose weight while you sleep mp4 video 30 minutes (typical cost £5.99)



Total Value £21.97


My Special Price To You ONLY £8.97


MONEY BACK Guarantee

Plus I am so confident this “Lose Weight While You Sleep” hypnosis works,  I am offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. Try it out and see the awesome results, but if it’s just not for you, email me at alanshealing@gmail.com with your details and I will give you a full refund. No questions asked. That’s how confident I am that this hypnosis will work for you like it is me.

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