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Meditation Into 7D Earth

This Is Another Insert From My Upcoming Book

This Meditation experience happened while under my pyramid. I was guided to do so by my higher self, I have noticed the more I am doing hypnosis sessions where I communicate with people’s higher selves the more my connection to my higher self appears to grow. I was told by a friend of mine this would happen when you start to practice past life regressions with people. Anyway, back to the meditation. I started my meditation as normal, by grounding Mother Earth. However, this time I followed my higher self-instruction and connected and grounded to a 7D Earth which already exists on a spiritual level. It is hard to put into words the type of 7D Earth I am talking about, but it is like a dimension where something very special is happening. It is a realm that has never existed before, when I say realm, I am not talking about a 7D that never existed before but, the type of being which is going to exist there. This being has never existed in the multiverse I believe. 


Let me get back on track here as I try to explain this incredible journey I went on. So, as I grounded to this 7D Earth I immediately saw a group of beings around me and a tall being in the middle who seemed to be the main character so to speak. As these came close, I recognized my dead Grandfather on my dad’s side. He was very prominent and told me telepathically that he was my main guide who had been with me always even when he was alive in the 3D world. This is possible because we can exist in multiple states and times at the same time as I described earlier in the book. So, after I shed a few tears of joy and a huge intake of air I noticed the place where I was, was the place I had been visualizing under my pyramid and have found out since then a lot of other people have been doing the same. So we truly are creator beings. In this 7D reality, all the animals and insects and water and plants all lived in harmony as there is no consumption in this realm. We all get energy from the sun and don’t eat anything if we choose to. This 7D Earth we created is so pristine and beautiful. All life communicates instantly with each other. Even the rocks and air have consciousness, a true source of a love-orientated world. I noticed also there was a campfire or something which looks like a campfire but later turns out to be something else.

Instant Communication Between All Beings

So, as I look around, I notice there are other groups of people here and different versions of each other. I notice that at the back of some of these beings was my higher self which I have never experienced before. But I was in for a shock because all the beings I could see were other versions of ME! Wow, this took me aback, they didn’t look like me physically, but I could just sense and know I was being shown a world where we are all coming together for a specific reason. I will reveal this reason very soon as these experiences unfold. I was told by my higher self that something very special is happening in this world and we are a crucial part of it. At this point, I was shown how to connect with this dimension easily with my meditations. My higher self took me through what seemed to be the fire and shot through dimensions and came back to 3D Earth under my pyramid. I was told that I can send love and manifestations through this connection and the other versions of me by sending loving energy back, creating a looping effect that will help to bring us in 3D into this 7D reality. At the time of writing this book, I do not know if this means dying here and reincarnating these or maybe we just start to experience a higher and higher frequency while in these bodies until we don’t even see the 3D version and only experience this higher realm. A bit like changing the frequency of the radio and tuning in to a different reality altogether.


At this point, the meditation experience ended, and I just jumped up, grabbed my phone, and made my most exciting YouTube video ever. I just could not wait to tell others about the new Earth awaiting us. In my next meditation, the whole enormity of this new Earth came to light. This time I was instructed to meditate on my bed and not under the pyramid. I found this a bit strange but in hindsight, I am glad I did not because I may have stayed there lol. So, in this meditation, I did the same as before and was grounded in this 7D reality. I was transported from this dimension straight into the 7D version. I came through what I assumed last time to be a campfire. However, I realized this time it was a mini sun which we have all gathered around. This is a portal set up for all of us to access this realm whenever we want.

This Has Never Happened Before In The Universe

This time I noticed that there was a clearer picture of me, and my other versions and it became clear what the excitement of this place is about. The reason I was told and sort of knew instinctively is we are going to become a new being in this realm. A being that has never existed before. I will try my best to describe this new being, it is a being with all the fractals of themselves which split off and went into a different experience when they first split off from the source. Not only will this being have all the essences and knowledge and experiences of the millions of versions of ourselves that exist, but a part of our higher self will incarnate into these new types of being. It is a never-existing being, a sort of amalgamation of spirit energy and a physical form with all the knowledge of everything in one being. You could say like a God type of being, not wanting to sound too grand here but this new being will be able to manifest instantly and has the wisdom and experience to handle it and not miss use the gifts. The most important aspect though is the fact that a part of your higher self will exist as part of this being.


Like I said earlier this being has never existed before and the journey we are going through on the 3D Earth has never happened before. We on this Earth are the badass warriors who come into this extreme reality we have on Earth. But not only is it extreme but we have to learn from nothing and become this amazing version of ourselves. Countless civilizations and beings are watching this outcome right now because it has never happened before. But once it does this a new being will be the next step in the game experience we created from the highest realms with our higher selves. The beings who are watching are letting us do the hard work and do this first and then they will make their number of agreements and come into this reality and start the process. The amount of knowledge and experience required to even be ready to try this new existence is immense. I access a fraction of our lives during my regressions, but I know it is a drop in the ocean of the number of lives we have had in this multiverse to get us to the point we are at now. I can’t wait to experience an existence like this and have the freedom again to do whatever and create whatever we want using our wisdom of course. As I am writing this book, I will carry on having meditation experiences and will add to this story as and when it happens. I realized at this point why my higher self had told me to meditate on the bed because if I was under the pyramid the experience would have been so good, I wouldn’t have wanted to come back lol.