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How To Protect Yourself While Meditating

How To Protect Yourself While Meditating

This chapter is about a meditation experience I had in which the source showed me a method on how to protect yourself while meditating by creating a sphere of protection around myself. Also, how this sphere can be used to get you to your destination or intent of meditation quicker. This information came to me while I was doing one of my meditations with no intent, just a nice relaxing sort of journey and just see if anything important came through. I would say the only slight intention would have been to get some more inspiration for this book I am writing, and at the same time get information in this book that can help us all.

So, depending on the amount of experience you have had meditating will determine if this technique is right for you. I say this because it speeds up the meditation process and gets you in touch with your higher self or whoever or whatever you intend to connect with. If you are new to meditation like I was not that long ago, maybe a more prolonged method is the best approach like I used to do. In fact, I have several guided meditations on my website where I use this exact technique. It is like a cross between self-hypnosis and meditation. This works well because these theta states we get into in hypnosis and meditation are very similar.


Easy Step-By-Step Guide

If you are new to this whole meditation process, I suggest going to the section on my website where you can find guided meditations. However, if you are ready for the speedier version read on and I will tell you how to protect yourself while meditating. Another very important part of using this technique is the fact it will protect you and make sure you are only in touch with beings who only have your best interests at heart. What we all need to remember is when we meditate, we are entering possible realms where other entities exist and have their own agenda. These entities can see you coming a mile away because of the bright light which shines within all of us, soul-connected humans.

These entities like I have talked about before can use our light and energy to feed off and help them achieve their own goals. While at the same time appearing to be on our side or even coming across as a loved one who has passed over. I am not trying to scare you off meditating, far from it because it will help you to find inner peace and serenity a lot of people never experienced while being in these human meat suits on Earth. You just need to know how to be protected when entering these realms. With all that said this technique is so easy and simple to do. I have noticed more and more through these experiences that the best methods in these spiritual matters always seem to be the simplest.


So, before you start meditating just after may be doing some deep breathing (this is my preferred method) Just tell the universe that you only want to communicate with entities through a source-connected method. Once you have said this you need to use your third eye and visualize “the source” energy coming through your head chakra and down into your heart center. Once this light hits your heart center, set the intention to create a sphere of protection around yourself. Tell the universe that this sphere of source energy protection will only let things communicate with you which have your highest intentions at heart. Also, set the intention in yourself that this sphere will instantly take you to the destination you are wanting. 

I have been using this technique recently once I was given the information and I have to say my meditations are more instantaneous than before. I do feel I was ready for this extra information about this protection because of the rising of the collective consciousness in this realm. As we all vibrate at a higher level and become more and more aware of the wonderful reality, we are part of. We will get more and more downloads like this one I experienced. I was certainly told by my higher self that I should write about it and create a video on ”How To Protect Yourself While Meditating” as well as put it on my website. The more people that use this type of protection while meditating will start to have an awesome effect. I think this effect will be greatest when all the information coming from prominent “truthers” is all from the source with no interference. 

Using Your Sphere Of Protection

Now I have written down how to protect yourself while meditating I wanted to tell you about the experience I had the other day while using it. It started as stated above, with deep breathing and setting the intention to use this sphere of protection. I said to the universe I wanted to be in contact with my higher self. Within seconds I was there in front of him, this meeting was different from other meetings with my higher self. It was like I had graduated to a higher level of communication and understanding with my higher self. I felt more like he was my brother and not just my teacher. I know in the bigger picture we are both the same being just having different expressions of reality. However, we felt more like equals in some sort of way. In fact, my higher self was intrigued by my sphere of protection and speed. I asked him if he wanted to join me in here and go for a ride (LOL) to my surprise he seemed excited at the prospect. Maybe to him, it was like his brother putting together his first car and asking him if he wanted a ride. 

So, he appeared next to me in this sphere, and I said where shall we go, instantly I got the picture of other higher selves from my soul family. It was clear he wanted me to meet them in my new sphere of protection (LOL). So, we instantly arrived at this white room with all these intense loving beings there. I felt like I was home in some respects, it must be my inner knowledge of this realm before I came to Earth in this body. I instantly got the feeling they wanted to join us. So, I invited them into my new sphere of protection and off we went instantly. I know when we are our higher selves, we do not need any devices or spheres to get where we want. However, I do feel they appreciated the fact that I had gotten to a level where I could create my own. 

Enjoy My Guide On How To Protect Yourself While Meditating

So, you may be wondering which dynamic out-of-this-world destination this collection of higher selves took me. Well, it was my front living room! I was amazed and somewhat disappointed. It turned out though that these higher beings needed a connection to me to help them feel what it is like to be human. You see what we forget sometimes, we are the bravest of the brave when we come into these restricted human suits and to this thick restricted realm. These beings had not gone through this experience yet apart from my own higher self of course. They told me that this connection using this sphere of protection I had created gave them an experience they have never felt before. At this point, I asked them if they would like to use this sphere without me and stay around and observe this realm even if it is limited to where I am. They said they would love to do that and accepted my offer.


Since I have come back from this experience, I cannot say I feel them around taking a sneak peek at this reality we have all chosen to experience. However, I suspect they will be keeping an eye on our situation as we progress into this new golden age on this planet. I hope you enjoyed this part with my higher self and the others. It did make me chuckle and thought you may appreciate a laugh too. Seriously though I would recommend using this method on how to protect yourself while meditating. Especially as more and more people are meditating, and our inner light starts to shine brighter.