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Healing With Meditation

Healing With Meditation

A few chapters ago I talked about the healing with meditation  I did on my Mother-in-law Ina and the technique which was given to me by another being. It seems this healing is starting to take effect in a way I never thought it would. You see Ina has suffered for years from Diabetes and we all assumed this would be for life. Ina is a victim of the evil pharmaceutical industry and the salesmen masquerading as doctors. Like my own mum and dad when they were alive also suffered from the same programming and poisons and potions of “Big Pharma”

These drugs which my Mum, dad, and Ina have taken have devasted their health, my dad would have lived to a ripe old age if he hadn’t fallen for all the lies, they fed him. It was only in the last few weeks of his life that he realized I had been right all along. Little consolation at that stage, bless him. He finally succumbed to his cancer and died at home thankfully surrounded by his loved ones. Since this happened, I have tried my best to tell people about the whole pharmaceutical con we have been programmed into.

I always dreamed of being a healer where people could come and get healed miraculously. I have come to realize though that we are all healers, and we all have the power to heal ourselves and anyone else we choose (if they agree). When we all start to realize that we live in a fluid reality that is created by our thoughts, actions, and intentions. We start to believe we can do anything, when this starts to happen, we really can become healers and creators of what we want. This is how the creator created this reality for us to experience matter and being in a body. 

Healing Meditation Process

When we know we create our reality with all our thoughts, actions, and intentions we are truly free to experience whichever reality we want. The reason I am going off on this tangent is that healing Ina is possible because of this reason. But before I go any further though I need to say again that healing with meditation you may perform on anyone must either get the permission of the person in the 3D body or the person’s higher self. The reason for asking the higher self is the illness someone may be suffering from, could be an illness they agreed to suffer from before they incarnated onto Earth.

The illness they are suffering from could also be an exit point for the soul of that person on their journey on Earth. With Ina though her higher self-agreed to me helping her and I know Ina herself in her 3D body would love to be mobile and pain-free again like she was a long time ago. So, let’s get back up to date, and let me tell you what happened. Over the past couple of weeks, Ina has been having trouble with her blood sugar level and her insulin intake. She has had some terrible experiences with the local doctor’s surgery and the incompetents are off the scale. All by design in my opinion but that’s my conspiracy head come back on (LOL). 

How Healing Meditation Works

Her blood sugar levels have been getting dangerously low and she has nearly gone into a diabetic coma more than once. The doctors had then decided to reduce the amount of insulin she needed. The problem, however, has still persisted, it then dawned on me what the so-called problem could be, was it the fact her body had spontaneously healed from diabetes which she has suffered from for decades? Could it be possible that my remote healing session had worked? Not only worked but it had worked on the part of her health I had assumed was not possible to heal from. Why I assumed this I really don’t know, but it certainly seems at this point to be the case.  

At the time of writing this part of my book, I have not told Ina about this special healing with meditation I have been doing on her. I wanted to see if it worked without any interference from her believing it and creating this reality. I decided after this first astounding potential healing to do another session in my meditations this morning. What follows is a description of what I did, I am going over this again so anyone reading this can do the same if they believe in it. After all, like I have said so many times we create our reality and by believing it you will make it happen. 

healing with meditation

My healing with meditation started with my deep breathing and by creating the sphere of protection that I described in the last chapter. I then met my higher self and told him my intention, he reminded me to make sure I ask Ina’s higher self if this is okay to try and heal her more. I communicated with her higher self, and she said it would be a great idea to try and heal her. After all, she had suffered enough already, and healing would not interfere with her journey from now on. 

The last time I did this healing I seemed to need the help of this tall being, but this time I was told by my higher self that I knew what to do and you know it works so just get on with it. So, I did, I instantly appeared in Ina’s room where she spends most of her daytime. I concentrated and brought down “source” energy into the room and directed it to her head and into her body. At this point, I became part of this light and went into Ina’s body as I had done before. 

Bringing Healing Light Into The Body

I started by going through her brain and sending this loving healing energy into her head to try and clear any blockages. I proceeded to go down into her lungs and then her stomach. She had had several procedures done on her stomach, so I spent a while sending healing to this part of her. Once this was done, I went into her bowels and sent them this healing light. After this, I entered her legs and sent healing to the skin on then where she suffers a lot after another hospital blunder.


I then swirled around her spine very fast and sent this healing energy there to try and alleviate arthritis and the pain it causes. Finally, my higher self told me to enter her blood and be part of it as it circulated around her body. For a brief few seconds, I seem to be experiencing what it must be like to circulate around a body. At this point my awareness came out of her body and entered the room, I then sent her “source” energy from my heart and hands into her body as a whole. I knew I had done enough of my healing with meditation for the day and retreated into my sphere of protection. At this point, I came out of my meditation and knew this healing was going to have further good results. 

That Is All It Took! Incredible

As you can see healing with meditation is not a complicated procedure, in fact, there isn’t a wrong way to do it really. You just need to go with your instincts and take guidance from your higher self if needed. Just imagine the effects this will have on the world once people know about it and experience it. All the people who receive the healing will start telling others and the collective consciousness of humanity will shift higher and higher.  The more this upward shift happens, the more people will start to do these healings spontaneously. 

I am already looking forward to updating you on this healing and telling you about the results. In the next chapter, I am going to be discussing the possibility of humans never needing food again once our vibration reaches a higher level. I have been fasting for longer periods recently and my body and mood and productivity have never been better. Anyway, enough of this now until I write the next chapter. Good luck with your healing journeys, much love Alan Stockdale xx