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Does Good & Bad Truly Exist?

This is a subject that can trigger the most enlightened of us because it can be so painful to be the victim of such diabolical evil which seems to exist in this reality. My view on this at the time of writing this book. I say this because my view has changed and adapted in my life. So at the moment, I believe evil does exist in this game we created called Earth the bigger game of the universe. I believe we agreed for this evil to exist here so it can provide the growing opportunity for our souls. After all, how could we experience the emotions and tribulations in these lives if evil did not exist? I also think evil as an entity does exist as well but like I have said before all creatures and coming came from one source of energy. So in essence, even the evilest entity is just like us. You could say they are incredibly brave to play these evil-doers. Knowing that the connection to perfect love which comes from the source is nearly cut off altogether. As this book progresses I keep touching on these truths because you need to understand this in this reality so you can forgive and understand why this evil is allowed to exist on Earth and beyond. However, I do feel now that this evil has nearly played out in this realm. We as a humanity are heading for times much more in harmony with source creation and a place of unimaginable beauty.


So even the most child molesting, murdering gut-wrenching entities around today deserve our love and forgiveness when viewed from this vantage point outside these realities. When viewed from a huge game perspective with the intention for you to grow spiritually these things are required. Another way of looking at it is if these evil entities exist in human form as well as we all know they do. Then that leads to only one conclusion, that we too have been these evil ones or maybe we will be in other lives. Because, if we truly want to experience everything and every perspective we need to be these evildoers to experience it. Not a nice thought I know, but it is a necessity I believe to take all this knowledge in and grow as a soul. Also, please remember it is just a huge game where we take turns playing goodies and baddies just like thein old films.

When Viewed From a Huge Game Perspective

I also believe the false light god which created the false light reincarnation trap is also a part we all need to play to experience every aspect of this physicality. This may trigger you greatly but I am confident that this is the case. Infinity is a long time that never ends, just thinking about infinity blows my mind. But, with infinity being real we have all the time needed for every soul or spirit which is a splinter of source energy to play the creator God of the false light and Satan as well. Wow blows the cobwebs off my mind just writing about it never mind experiencing it. WOW what an amazing reality we created as splinters of the source. 


At this point since we are talking about evil and the ones which are playing the roles of these entities, I would like to tell you about the adventures me and my wife Gilly have been having with these entities recently. Having said that it has been going on for years now, I shall tell you how it begin many years ago. When we first got together at our first house we experienced a lot of spiritual activity. For instance we the ghost of an old guy that used to live there. He used to walk down the drive at least 4 times a week. It wasn’t a ghost as in a human soul wandering around. He was like a memory imprinted in that area and it kept replaying over and over again. We did not know it at the time but it was my wife mainly back then who attracted this activity. It wasn’t until very recently that we realized the real truth of what is happening with all these entities which visit us. Back to my story about our first house. One day Gilly was alone in the house and she was in the bedroom, she walked out to the bathroom for a minute and by the time she entered the room again every door in the room had opened and all the doors in the kitchen had opened as well. I may add here that her teenage daughter lived with us there and I know poltergeist activity seems to happen to allot around teenage girls. However other activities started to occur as well. Such as, my stepson saw a hand closing his door, it was a male hand and I was not even in the house at the time. We moved out of this around a year later. Not because of this activity because it just fascinated us. 

Portal To Other Dimensions

We moved into another property for a few years with little activity. Nothing worth mentioning. Apart from this fact, my wife was actively trying to shut down her gift to attract these entities whatever they were. Fast forward a few years and the next property was a different game. In this new property, we discovered not long after moving in that we had a portal at the top of the stairs which had been opened apparently by previous occupiers when they were messing around with an ouji board. They did not close down the portal they had accidentally opened. What happened over the next few months was a cascade of entities and activity. Some bad entities some just wandering souls who were lost. Also, at this stage in our lives we had opened up spiritually and with knowledge acquired we decide to help these certain entities which were lost.


This went on for a while, too at this point was starting to develop my ways of dealing with them. Then one day something very evil entered our property from this portal which seemed to be able to open itself now and then. This time though this was the very nasty earthbound spirit of an old man who had had an evil life and believed he was bound for Hell. This made in determined not to move on. This led to anger with anyone who is happy and with a family. What he did next though was beyond my limit of tolerance. I was in the kitchen and walked out after feeling his presence again. I walked back into the kitchen and the angry spirit had turned on all the electric rings and had placed towels on them to set fire and try and burn us alive. When I saw this my rage at this entity was pure and just because she tried to kill my family. So I just commanded him to leave this property and never come back. Suffice to say we never heard a peep from him after that. In hindsight, if this happened now I would just shower him in love and forgiveness and send him back to the light and let him heal. However back in those days, I was not as forgiving as I am now. 

Sending Healing Energy To The Dark Entities

I contacted a friend of mine who is very gifted in this realm, she told me she saw the entire incident and was very proud of me and my banishment lol. At this point, I and my wife Gilly continued to gather experience and knowledge about these entities and what it is all about. When I realized the true nature of our reality and the fact it is all a game I changed quite dramatically in my empathy and loving towards these negative entities which visited us. Now, up to the present day, we are both very capable of moving these entities with love back to the light and rediscovering their connection to source energy. This brings me up to the present day nearly. I will tell you now where we are at with these entities. Quite recently I discovered the reason why we were getting an increase in negative energies entering our house. It became apparent to me through my meditations and communications with my higher self, that these entities are coming to our house for help.


For example the other week it started with cold spots in the house and my dog acting weird like he does when these things happen. This particular entity I started to deal with at the same time as my wife. What this entity said was it was tired of being evil and doing evil things but it did not know how to stop. I told him what I have talked about earlier and told him that he is just playing a role in a game. He started to understand this and when I explained how brave he had been playing these parts virtually cut off from the source, his energy began to change. He then told me he could see a glimmer of light in himself. I told him this is his connection to the source and he needed to follow and expand this light to get healed. My wife at this point was pulling in the loving source of energy from one hand through her heart center and out through her other hand to this entity. 


She said when this first started her arm was cold from its energy but as the source of love, the energy went into him it warmed up. At this point, he was communicating with my wife and I started to change his frequency as he re-established his connection to the source of love energy. He then thanked us both for our help and went on to tell us that we will be getting a lot more coming soon because the frequency of this realm is changing more and more players of the negative side are waking up to what they are. They see healing light and are attracted to this light as a way to get out of their situation. What happened that night though was nothing compared to this. I went to sleep and it did not take long for the show to begin. In my dream state, I have access to a lot more abilities than we all do. What started to happen represented itself as a blue light on the top of the wall in front of my bed. I have very recently discovered this blue energy is the energy I use to send healing in my meditation journeys. So back to this dream state, what started to happen is these entities that the previous entity had spoken of had been waiting for the first healing to happen. 


So in this dream state, the entities were entering on the left-hand side of this blue light and receiving instantly the healing they needed to reconnect to source energy and move on to the next part of their journey. The longer this went on the faster this healing was happening so by the time I had finished hundreds of negative beings had been healed and returned from their journeys disconnected from the source. Truly remarkable loving beings have sacrificed themselves to go through this just to allow us to grow through experiences in this realm. Me, and my wife also as we would not have got to this point if we had not gone through these spiritual attacks, including the one which tried to burn us alive. 


Here Is A Video I Made Which Touches on These Subjects