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Cosmic Journeys With Alan Stockdale


Cosmic Journeys with Alan Stockdale

This page is about the book I wrote called “Cosmic Journeys with Alan Stockdale” A couple of the pages on this website have a few chapters from it. The book is about my spiritual journeys through my meditations.

I was told in these meditations that this book was very important right now. What I mean is the contents of it will help so many people who are awakening. In the “cosmic journeys with Alan Stockdale” book, I cover a lot of super spiritual subjects

Some of these subjects include reincarnation, the reincarnation trap, communicating with your higher self, and why we are here. Also, what the purpose of life is, and a lot more. It is all based on my connection with the “source” of creation via my higher self.

Another part of cosmic journeys with Alan Stockdale is my self-hypnosis methods. These methods can be used by anyone who wants to connect. These self-hypnosis sessions have really helped me in my journey. I would highly recommend you give it a try.

COSMIC JOURNEYs with alan stockdale

Guided By My Higher Self

Helping others via healing is another big reason I wrote this. I was very strongly guided to do this by my “higher self”. In these dark times on this planet, humankind needs all the healing it can get. The beauty of this healing is it can be done by anyone.

If you follow my instruction carefully in “cosmic journeys with Alan Stockdale” you too can heal. This method of healing was given to me during deep meditation. It involves you as the healer using energy directed from the” source” by you.

This energy is then directed by you into the person’s body. You then need to use your powers of visualization. You need to see the energy going into the affected areas of the body. It is very simple to do but very effective.

To find out more about my book you can view a sample here on Amazon. You can purchase the full book for as little as £3.97 ($4.82) or even free if you have Kindle unlimited.